The Church and finances

Finances is one of the many ways God blesses us and uses us to bless Him and others. One of the things God speaks about most in His Word. Finances are not a separate part of our life, and we cannot compartmentalise it. Our understanding of Finances directly impacts our spiritual Growth

The Heart Behind Giving

There are many opinions of how, why and where New Testament believers should give financially. As we look at scripture, we see that the lifestyle of a person who knew their position in Christ was always marked by radical generosity. When we know what Christ has done for us, the only response is a lifestyle of generosity with our time, treasures and talents.

Practical ways to give


We have multiple ways to tithe. You can do an Electronic Funds Transfer, hand in your tithe in the baskets during the service or use SnapScan.

Mercy Fund

As a family we believe in taking care of our family. The Mercy fund is a fund dedicated to help members of our Spiritual Family through difficult times.

Building Fund

We have recently launched our building fund which we would like to use to buy our own offices and eventually our own church building.

Our Banking Details

Should you want to make a contribution to any of the above, or pay for one of our events you can pay either using SnapScan (above) or eft to the following account:

Every Nation Stellenbosch
Acc No: 123 208 2791
Branch Code: 123 209

Please note: If paying for an event please use the event name and your initials as a reference. Example if Peter Smith is paying for Equip Essentials, the reference would be Equip Essentials P Smith.  Should you want to contribute to one of the funds above please use the fund name as reference

Financial Management

We believe in clear Financial Guidance and submit ourselves to the scrutiny of the financial board and to independent auditors. Statements and Financial Results are available upon request

Every Nation Stellenbosch

Every Nation Stellenbosch