The Heart Behind Giving

There are many opinions of how, why and where New Testament believers should give financially. As we look at scripture, we see that the lifestyle of a person who knew their position in Christ was always marked by radical generosity. When we know what Christ has done for us, the only response is a lifestyle of generosity with our time, treasures and talents.


The question a lot of people ask is ‘so what do I have to give now, do I have to give a tithe (10%)?’. It’s really the wrong question to ask, because some people are trying to move into performance to justify their acceptance before God by doing, in this case by giving a require percentage. The first thing is that we are in right standing with God because of faith in what He has done for us. Secondly we know that all we have been given is from Him and belongs to Him. Therefore if all my finances actually belong to Him, the question is really how much should I keep too live off.


Does God really need my money? No, He doesn’t, because our giving to God has more to do with our devotion to Him than our money. Our worship to Him would not be worship if we never had a choice. It is this choice to respond and give to God in faith that reveals and unlocks so much in our lives. Why didn’t God just take 10% off the top from the start and only give us 90% from the start? It would have been much easier to manage and less complicated or challenging for us. That is because God knows what is good for us and He is developing His heart in us. He wants us to reflect His nature and character, to be like Jesus, and live a life of abundance.

A life that it marked by love and to experience the joy of knowing Him and becoming more like Him. We become what we worship, and that is why we want to honour Him with our finances. As we choose to give our finances to God, in faith, it reflects our heart of gratitude, trust and love for Him and all He has done in our lives.


Jesus and the rest of the New Testament, speaks so much about finances and the role it has in our lives. That is because it can have such a powerful hold over someone and it reflects so much of where our hearts really are. Jesus said money is not evil, but the love of money above other things will cause so much evil. Money as a means of exchange has great potential, to be enjoyed and used for Kingdom advancement. There are many uses for money to help, bless, encourage, to be used for works of righteousness as we are directed by God.

Our giving should then be cheerful, regular and sacrificial.


Cheerful – This is because God loves a cheerful giver, as this reveals that we know who He is and what He has done for us! He is our provider and our source of life. It’s out of this revelation that we can be compelled by love and give to God in faith, as He is the One who sees all we do.


Regular – Consistency is a character trait of God, and can reflect in giving our first fruits to Him, either weekly, monthly or annually. Through all seasons in life, we know that trusting Him and sowing into His kingdom is the safest investment we can make.  Lastly the standard for a Christian’s giving is the sacrificial-giving of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was one to set the standard to which He has called us to give. This sacrificially lifestyle of giving can only be achieved by understanding how much He has done for us, keeping one eye on eternity and the other eye on the needs that are around us.


Everyone is at different places and they need to determine whether lifestyle adjustments need to be made or not. However, you personally determine your giving to God, ask yourself this. Is my giving joyful, consistent & sacrificial, does it represent my heart and all He has done for me?

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