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Connect Groups

We believe the foundation of getting involved is our Connect Groups.

Connect group is a weekly meeting where like minded individuals do life together. We encourage everyone to consider getting involved in a connect group before getting involved somewhere else in church. 

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This, is our ministry aimed at Parents, Professionals, and Retirees. We meet on Sunday mornings for our worship service, as well as on a weekly basis across town. These meetings take place in a small group format, where people discover true community & fellowship while digging into God’s word, and growing in faith together.


The values of campus today will become the society tomorrow. Therefore we are passionate about reaching students with the Gospel. We desire to see the future leaders of society discipled, equipped & ignited to carry the gospel into every sphere of life.

Social Responsibility

Every Nation wants to be a church with socially responsible members instead of just socially responsible projects. The social responsibility department helps to make this happen. The projects we do, are focused on spreading the gospel through building relationships.


We see the lives of the next generation transformed by having weekly connect groups that encourage scholars to get in the word of God and live out their faith boldly.


We value each child that walks through our doors and desire to see each one become disciples of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about connecting children to Jesus in simple, creative and inspiring ways.

Impact Team

Impact Team is a “Year of your life” internship program run by ENSTB. The year is for anybody who either feels a call to full-time vocational ministry and wants to test that call, or for anyone who wants to serve a year and grow in the areas they are passionate about, or are simply responding in obedience to God’s call about joining the team


We are passionate about seeing our students and family members raised up as Gospel proclaiming, cross-cultural missionaries with hearts to share the Good News and disciple, from within their families, to their local communities, to our African continent and beyond.

Creative Arts

As a creative arts ministry we desire to see people walk in a radical relationship with God. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where people can meet Him face to face, grow in their love for Him and carry this transformation into the world.


We believe that as we pray we partner in seeing the Kingdom of God coming on earth. 

Every Nation Stellenbosch

Every Nation Stellenbosch