Church Update

Church Statement on CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

Dear Family 
We trust that you are well and experiencing God’s goodness, even under these circumstances. We are praying for you! May you keep choosing to respond in faith not fear, as we trust Jesus at this time.
We would like to inform you of our decision to continue online with our Sunday services, weekly connect groups and prayer meetings. We are grateful that the President has included Churches as essential services providing pastoral ministry, however we are not comfortable to start gatherings. After much consideration and having sought and discerned the Lords will, and in the spirit of protecting and loving our town, we won’t be gathering in person at this stage.
There were many factors we considered with your best interests, both physically and spiritually, at heart. We believe that with the Winelands being one of the Covid 19 hotspots, that this is the best decision at present. We will be constantly evaluating this as information comes available and we will keep you informed of any changes.
God has been doing great things through our church and online ministry! Let’s continue to trust for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. Thank you for being His hands and feet and serving those around you!
Love and blessings,
Mark, Marion and the Leadership Team.


This will, of course, look different to what we are use to and different approaches will be made but our heart is that as a church we will stay virtually connected and not get internally isolated, despite certain physical restrictions and limitations.


As previously stated we will still be having connect groups, however, these groups will look different. We encourage you to attend remotely. What do we mean by meeting remotely? There are various online platforms such as Google hangouts, Zoom, whats app video call etc. that can be used to meet together. Your connect group leader will direct you as to what’s best!

 If you are not in a connect group yet and would like to join a group, sign up here on our website at the bottom of this page.  


We will not be gathering in person like we usually do in our venue but we’ll be streaming live via YouTube across the country. Join a watch group with other believers or watch from home. We will only be having one service on Sunday’s at 09:30 so please gather your connect group, friends or family and join us on Sunday morning’s while we gather online to praise our King.

Stay Connected

Online Service

We are going live on YouTube every Sunday at 09:15 – service starts at 09:30. 

Connect Group

Connect groups are still running throughout the week but will be online via different online platforms – if you would like to join one of our connect groups click on the button and fill in the form!

Online Giving

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