Campus Alumni Partnership


Who is Campus Alumni for? 

Campus Alumni is for anyone whose life was impacted through our campus ministry. This includes parents and people with a passion to see transformation in our nation by reaching the next generation. Campus Alumni seeks to create a network of like-minded people that will aid God’s mission on our University Campus through praying and giving (time, talents, finances)

By joining Campus Alumni, you can expect to receive quarterly updates, be invited to Campus Alumni events, and to be connected to the broader Every Nation Campus Alumni network.

Campus Alumni Process

Your next steps:

Step 1 – Join  Campus Alumni by submitting your details below
Step 2 – Partner Financially (optional)

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Step 2: Partner Financially by clicking the button below

Steps after clicking the button below:

1 – Please create an account if you don’t have one already. This is just for us to have your details

2 – Specify your nationality

3 – Specify which payment method you want to use. Debit order is the simplest and safest

4 – Specify how much and when your payments should go off 

Every Nation Stellenbosch

Every Nation Stellenbosch